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The Communique Marketing Solutions Office, Gurugram, India, creates a modern and egalitarian workspace in an effort to foster creativity, collaboration, and conversation. Its spatial planning emerges as a direct result of this intent: where, an open-plan office format is chosen that is symbolic of transparency. The office is housed in a three-storeyed building that crafts a distinctive identity for itself within its immediate urban context. The architectural vocabulary is unmistakably brutalist: the facades are an expanse of exposed concrete punctuated by the measured use of corten steel. On the ground floor, a short porch leads the visitors to the entrance foyer. The upper floors house the workspaces within a seamless two-floor volume, accommodating a diverse mix of functions. In order to optimize penetration of glare-free daylight into this volume, its northern and southern edges are designed to be porous; the fenestration scheme was arrived at through a metric-based daylight analysis. To reduce the ingress of heat into the building, the western edge – which forms its primary façade – is completely blocked with a massive wall and an added layer of insulation. View more View full description
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