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The Six-Fours-Les-Plages city’s sports grandstand project results from a sensible analysis of the surrounding context, allowing the formalization of an adequate infrastructure. After analysing the data, the project brings a tangible answer to its immediate and future environment. A rough urban landscape, a city limit where many asphalt plots redefine urbanisation, industrial and commercial buildings, the project’s site offers quite an absence of architectural nuances. In the middle of an urban landscape with no perceptible eye-catcher, the Sastre Stadium is surrounded by a railroad track and an overhanging suburban boulevard The plot’s situation seems quite rough, as if it had been developed in an residual urban space. The entrance is quite narrow, stuck between the parking limits and the next-door plot. This bottleneck, unfavourable to flows of public accessing the stadium, will have to present an easy understanding of the grandstand. Discovering it from this crossing point will have to be orchestrated. View more View full description
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