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The hill, where I sit, is my space! A place to relax, a new experience, design concept reinterpreted with the variety of languages. The hill located at the corner of the alleyway in Yeon-nam Dong will catch your attention. This small shop got rid of the concept of “Space (Tables and chairs) needed to “Sit”. Getting rid of the tables and the chairs, and looking up from the low hill, where your sight is, became the space and scenery. Having a diverse way to sit, beyond overcoming uncomfortableness, would mean the beginning of a new experience. This small place is a tiny coffee shop where you can enjoy a cup of coffee with wherever you choose to sit, becomes your space. A purpose such as, “New experience, where everybody stays in the same space but they must be able to enjoy the variety of sceneries.” is expressed with metaphorical interpretation including “The hill”. View more View full description
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