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Rising from the South-Central Nebraska prairie is a small college town where the Jackson Dinsdale Art Center is located. The new art center has become an iconic piece for Hastings College and its Art Department, the surrounding community, as well as the state of Nebraska. The building includes comprehensive studios for 2D and 3D work, as well as gallery space for exhibitions. The 2D work consists of a painting, printmaking, and drawing, while the 3D work consists of metals fabrication, glass blowing, and ceramics. The design concept elaborates on the principles of the 3D studios; Ceramic[brick], Glass[box], Metal[skrim]. The brick façade sculpts the southern and northern portions of the building envelope. A translucent glass box houses the work of the students and famous artists as an art gallery. The metal skrim consists of triangulated members with perforated panels welded on as a screen to filter the sun in accordance with the seasons. View more View full description
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