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The Climate Tile is a pilot project designed to catch and redirect 30% of the projected extra rainwater coming due to climate change. Created by THIRD NATURE with IBF and ACO Nordic, the project will be inaugurated on a 50m pavement stretch at Nørrebro in Copenhagen. The first sidewalk was created as an innovative climate project that utilizes the Climate Tile to create a beautiful and adaptable cityscape. Aimed at densely populated cities, the tile handles water through a technical system that treats water as a valuable resource. First and foremost, the Climate Tile is an adaptation system for future cities. The pilot stretch in Copenhagen is the beginning of a multiannual development process with the City of Copenhagen, Realdania, The Market Development Fund and other collaborators. The Climate Tile reintroduces the natural water circuit in existing cities through a simple process that manages the rainwater from the roof and sidewalks and ensures that the water runs to the right place for plants or water banks. It can catch and redirect 30% of the projected extra rainwater coming due to climate change, and thereby prevent overloads within the existing drainage infrastructure. View more View full description
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