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Sometimes a door can be a huge headache in a project. Think of a continuous, clean facade... having a door in the middle of it can ruin the clarity of the design. But a door need not be the traditional wood-paneled, brass-knobbed portal most of us are used to, much less an eyesore.  But what if they could disappear from sight entirely? We’ve all dreamed of hidden passages and secret rooms tucked away in our homes. But for these to work, the entry must be disguised or hidden itself.  The Italian company Linvisibile makes these dreams possible, producing a patented high-end invisible flush to wall doors. Not only to provide a secret getaway but to also fit in the elegant, mystic, and private atmosphere of interiors in a functional space-saving way. Even a small detail can create a big disparity in terms of sophistication and elegance. The panels, carefully designed and equipped with boiserie and skirting systems merge completely with the wall and can be transformed in a variety of different forms: either an entertaining entrance with a 360 degree pivoting panel, a wall-like panel finished in the same material of the wall, a glass sliding system that is not only a door but also a separator, and many other features. View more View full description
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