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Being part of the growth endeavor of a brand such as William Grant & Sons was an exciting prospect for Design Plus Architects. The brief was in-sync with their company’s values of pride, responsibility, professionalism, entrepreneurship, and sustainability. These values were not necessarily imbibed as metaphors but were also prevalent in an objective requirement - of several small meeting rooms, semi-formal discussion zones, well-lit interiors, a possible gathering of 70+ people for a town hall, proverbial open office; essentially a lively and happy working environment. Gone are the days when offices used to be linear spaces with workstations repeated in a regular manner when the boss used to have the biggest room in the entire office from where he could keep an eye on his employees. Times have changed and so has the planning of office spaces. Now, the time demands interaction and exchange of ideas. The time demands discussions which involve everyone in the office to give their ideas. So has the architecture and interiors evolved with this concept. View more View full description
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