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Sits on a 352 square meters land, Misol House was initially designed to adopt American classical architectural style. The owner, a pilot by profession, may be inspired by the houses in the countries that he has visited. As a consultant, the Architect has a moral responsibility to advise the Client that the American classical architectural style is unsuitable for Indonesia’s tropical climate. Instead, Somia Design Studio offers the idea of a tropical urban house as an ideal concept to respond to the tropical climate conditions in Bali. Challenges on the tight land area and the dense neighborhood are responded by balancing the ratio between the built-up areas and the open space areas. Open space provision aims to maximally absorb rainwater as well as maximizing reforestation areas to reduce harmful carbon in the city. It could also reduce the surrounding temperature and increase the percentage of the urban void. The allocation of the built area and open space ratio is made 50/50 to avoid a solid impression on the building mass. View more View full description
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