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As August draws to a close and our holidays - be they from work or school - already start to feel like distant memories, perhaps it's a good moment to reflect on our faith in what we do. Sometimes design affords us the ability to oversee massive and exciting change. Sometimes projects don't work out, despite our best efforts. And sometimes, design isn't as capable of making change as we believe it to be. This week's stories touched on our faith in design in a range of ways, from the literal (such as the bright churches of Kerala) to the more abstract (how much good taste in fast food design actually equates to good tastes.) Read on for this week's review.  Slow Moves in Fast Food With the opening of Ross Barney Architects’ sleek new McDonald’s flagship in Chicago (replacing a much loved post-modernist building from the brand), fast food has been on the mind. Brands have increasingly been abandoning or updating their corporate design standards to build locations that seem less fast food and more high brow. But changes in design don’t necessarily signify changes in product or delivery - so how much is actually on the line? View more View full description
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