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Our client has prepared for a long time to open a roaster café. While preparing the launch, the client has decided to construct a building that has a café and residence to run the business stably. Thus, the current building site was chosen through a careful decision-making process. The site is easily noticeable from the intersection, and the green areas in two directions function as buffer zones between roads. As a result, in addition to the building site, the most important thing to consider in the planning process was to satisfy the client’s desire for differentiating his building from the nearby shops. However, the most difficult part was to deal with a regulation in the region. The regulation indicated that a roof should be slanted at a certain angle. Probably, that is why the buildings in the area had roofs with the same slopes and shapes. Therefore, the biggest challenge remained in interpreting the regulation and negotiating with the administration office to design a distinctive building. View more View full description
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