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Plants are excellent elements to add in architecture and built spaces. However, when it comes to indoor environments, which usually receive less natural light and ventilation, certain species are resistant to adaptation.  Therefore, when thinking about species for indoors – be it a home, apartment or commercial space – some species are better than others. We have selected the best 13 indoor plants for your home.  Croton (Croton lawianus) Characteristics: Large, colorful leaves that vary in shades from green and yellow to red and purple. This shrub draws attention for its shiny leaves and long lifespan. Care: Crotons require hours of sunlight, therefore it is well suited near windows and spaces that receive comprehensive lighting. This species does not adapt to low temperatures and/or to the presence of air conditioning. It strives in warmer climates and can reach 2 to 3 meters in height, allowing for branches to be pruned and replanted. The soil is best kept moist, but not soaked. When handling for maintenance or changing planters, wear gloves, because its sap contains toxic properties that can cause skin irritation. View more View full description
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