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In the eyes of an architect, concrete is practically a fetish. Currently, it's used in a wide range of projects and buildings, from infrastructure to residential, and offers an architect a great deal of freedom in generating eye-catching results. To start, we will show you how to pre-dimension concrete structures and understand what cracks in concrete structures mean. Continue reading to get our tips on how to use concrete and get the best result possible.  Consider its Level of Exposure to the Elements It's true that concrete is synonymous with "economic" since the structure doesn't require any additional lining. However, a certain degree of care is essential in undergoing the process, especially since your concrete will be directly exposed to all kinds of weather. It's fundamental that you consider these weather factors from the very beginning and the impact that they will have on your finished product. Furthermore, it's necessary to specify the composition of the mix that you will use, allowing for optimal workability and minimal pores and crevices in the structure. View more View full description
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