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Facing endless Daye Lake and backed by the emerging ecological new city, Huangshi Urban Complex is supposed to be a link between Daye Lake ecological circle and modern city as well as a gateway for opening up. It is an urban space for exhibition, entertainment and ecological leisure. Located in Daye Lake Ecological New District, with functions of exhibition and archive storage, Huangshi Urban Complex is the first public building on the main development axis of the district and conveys the development keynote of this district. AUBE won the bid in December 2015, and started the construction in April 2016. After two years, the project was completed in 2018. The design concept is originated from the Mining and Metallurgy Canyon of Huangshi National Mine Park. Its basic shape faces the future Garden Show Park and echoes the core building. Building volume is cut in the central area so as to separate the planning hall and the archive hall. This method is helpful for independent operation of the two halls and keeping a complete grand image of the project. A green community with function of business, office, living and tourism is taking shape in this area of green nature power.  View more View full description
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