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Airbnb is giving four lucky winners the honor of being among “the first people in thousands of years to spend the night on the Great Wall of China.” The competition, open until August 11th, offers the prize of staying in a custom-designed home situated on one of the seven wonders of the modern world. The competition, run in collaboration with the Beijing Tourism Development Committee, is intended to “promote sustainable tourism to China by spotlighting wide-ranging efforts to preserve the Wall’s deep heritage and bring Chinese culture to life.” The four winners will have to adhere to strict House Rules, such as respecting their 1.38 billion neighbors, refraining from waking ancient guards with loud music, and promising not to disturb dragons.  Built over 2,600 years ago, and spanning 21,000 kilometers, the landmark originally designed to separate cultures is instead a melting pot of tourism, attracting millions of guests from around the world. However, of the countless visits paid to the architectural feat throughout the decades and centuries, nobody has ever had the chance to call the Great Wall home for the night – until now. View more View full description
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