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Yulhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, is a residential area that has the appearance of the past, unlike its surroundings of a new city. Unlike the parking lot and the well-maintained area, when you enter the complex, you face a high wall facing the road. It seems to indicate the disconnected communication of residents of Yulhyeon-dong. However, Y-Project tries to promote community coexistence and contribute to the community as a new residential prototype of Yulhyeon-dong neighborhood. Y-Project is a loving gift of parents to an ordinary 20-year-old son with developmental disabilities. This building has a formation as a 'group home' which about five people with developmental disabilities live in together. The required spatial scale is based on the average adult height, and the attribute of the dissolved space in it should be an environment in which positive emotion could be expressed. View more View full description
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