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The Princess Máxima Centre for child oncology designed by LIAG brings together all expertise in the field of care and research at the very highest level. The Princess Máxima Centre is unique, and at 45,000 m2 it is the biggest child oncology center in Europe. The Princess Máxima Centre for child oncology wants to cure every child with cancer and offer them an optimal quality of life. Its architecture, with its unique interior and exterior, helping to achieve this goal. There is a natural flow between inside and outside, and between the worlds of children and research. The main route through the building forms a meeting zone for children, parents, doctors, nurses, and researchers. Healing environmentAt the heart of the design of the Princess, Máxima Centre lies development-orientated care. That is because a child’s development continues even during illness. Great attention has therefore been given to the child and the family, resulting in the new layout of the center. Nowhere is this better illustrated than in the parent-child rooms: one room for the child with a room for the parents next to it. View more View full description
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