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AI SpaceFactory has released details of their proposed cylindrical huts for the Planet Mars, designed as part of the 3D Printed Habitat Challenge organized by NASA. Project MARSHA (Mars HAbitat) was endorsed by NASA with a top prize of almost $21,000, one of five designs selected from a field of seventeen. The competition asked participants to design an effective habitat for a crew of four astronauts to be located on the Red Planet, using construction techniques enabled by 3D printing. The submitted schemes were then ranked based on their innovation, architectural layout, and level of detail in BIM modeling. According to AI SpaceFactory, MARSHA represents a “radical departure from previous habitat schemes typified by low-lying domes or buried structures.” Instead, MARSHA adopts a vertically-orientated cylinder, the result of a series of spatial and efficiency studies. The shape permits the habitats to be highly effective vessels optimized for Mars’ atmospheric pressure and structural stresses, as well as providing a greater ratio of usable floor area to volume. View more View full description
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