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Kenneth Place Townhomes is comprised of two 4-unit townhouse developments located in Tempe, Arizona adjacent to Arizona State University.  The original single-family zoning was amended by joining two lots together in order to pursue increased density. This desire for increased density supports the City of Tempe’s General Plan, whereby density in this location near the light rail is considered to be better for the built environment in the otherwise typical 1950’s suburban neighborhood. Conventional 2X wood framed construction was utilized due to cost considerations ($120/SF).  Each of the two buildings takes the form of simple wood framed ‘boxes’. Three of the four elevations are completely planar and rectilinear.  The fourth elevation incorporates each of the unit’s entries and is slightly articulated through its subtle manipulation of the lower and upper floor’s walls.  This slight difference in the configurations offers a degree of spatial and perspectival diversity in the interior and exterior spaces within the confines of conventional wood framing and standard concrete slab on grade construction. View more View full description
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