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Designed as an Open Building, Superloft Blok Y forms part of the ongoing Superlofts project, initiated by Marc Koehler Architects (MKA), focused on flexibility, participation, and adaptability. It offered a collective of 30 homeowners a blank canvas to customize or design and build their apartments according to their needs, and actively engaged them from the outset to co-create the building and its shared spaces. A unique complex - where no two apartments are alike - results from the building’s radical flexibility, collective character and high level of sustainability. The five-story building comprises a base framework (support) that is independently fitted out (infill) by the inhabitants. Blok Y combines 30 Superlofts into 5 types - XS lofts (70m2) to family lofts (145m2) - resulting in a rich diversity of dwellings and mixed community. Homeowners could fit out a completely raw space (by themselves or together with an architect) or customize an existing floor plan, and also their exterior. The open concrete framework is organized into varying loft formats with two or three stories, single or double facade, with a roof terrace, balcony or garden. Their unique layouts are uncommon in conventional housing, many designed to flexibly accommodate future change e.g. by incorporating a lift or flexible partitions to reconfigure the interior once the kids leave home. Generous voids create a beautiful sense of space and light.   View more View full description
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