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During the design process for their third store, the client’s research team en route to one of their tea plantations were so captivated by the serene beauty and picturesque sceneries of the endless tea fields that they sought to embody that charm into the store identity. Thus Spacemen drew inspiration from nature and through a series of undulating planes in varies shades of gold, reinterpreted the topography of those iconic green hills into an abstract design language for the restaurant. Taking up a refurbished mid-19th century colonial heritage building in the newly developed outdoor shopping district, Fengsheng Li, the project will be the new flagship restaurant of the brand as well as becoming a signature landmark in the centre of the government owned property. Overlooking from the promenade’s water feature, a sculpturesque brass cage integrated into the entry foyer façade takes centre stage. It houses a new outdoor tea bar behind the angled brass slats that shield it from the midday sun but come night fall, the the reflective nature of the brass disappears as light from within the foyer pours outwards. The cage glistens like a golden pot of tea with a custom chain chandelier that reminisce of floating tea leaves hanging above, draws the casual passer-by to glimpse inwards and into the restaurant. View more View full description
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