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Neat yoga studio plus cafe located in a quiet residential area.The client’s request was very simple. They were planning to run a cafe plus yoga studio in a space of about 100 square meters, and wanted to design it properly so that these two areas are well settled. They asked to divide not-a-big space into two parts, make a proper separation of two spaces with different features, and make it possible to appreciate the park in the east even indoors. I divided interior space into two, east and west, and for the yoga practice, eastern side was utilized as it is connected to the park. When it is sunny, they can open the folding door located on the side facing the park and practice while feeling the warmth. During weekends without class, this space can be used as cafe space with tables on the floor where the guests can stay while looking over the park. In the western part where main entrance is located, there a space with 3-4 tables which is used as both lobby and cafe, and the facing kitchen was designed to be open so that the space can be felt more spacious. View more View full description
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