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The project is a house dedicated to a family of four who lives on the slope of Awaji Island. On the 986.54 m² site, a design that considers the temperate nature of Awaji Island as well as the family’s distinctive, nature-conscious approach to all aspects of life, was planned. In response to its’ context, the house combines locals’ timber dwelling construction with a unique form, consisting of a continuous spiral that rises towards the central space. The inner and outer walls were first clad with woven bamboo lattice, its’ walls and floors then covered with Sanwa Earth finish. The floor uses a technique called Tataki, a hard-packed earthen floor, resistant to high foot traffic consisting of earth, lime, and water, beat until solidification. In the winter, during the day the earth-covered walls and floors absorb heat from the exterior. At night the heat is released, keeping the interiors warm. View more View full description
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