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Stadiums —new or remodeled— provide excellent and innovative examples of architecture on a large scale; they are required to shelter thousands of people, including the athletes of the games they host. In addition to the technical aspects and considerations related to sports, these structures apply interesting cladding systems, with some stadiums even generating the energy needed to function. Read on for more about stadiums and their structures in detail. Arena da Baixada / carlosarcosarquite(c)turaCuritiba, Brazil Remodeled and expanded for the 2014 Brazil World Cup, the Arena da Baixada is a 126,836 square meter stadium with a capacity of 42,417. Its design is inspired by the "illuminated box" concept, joining the existing structure through a system of easily assembled components. The materials used were standardized to achieve a certain lightness, permeability, and translucency between the interior and exterior. * Featured Tag: Polycarbonate. View more View full description
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