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A recent independent survey of more than 2000 architectural visualization professionals revealed an intriguing trend. More than 20% of these designers and architects are using real-time rendering as part of their presentation workflows right now, with another 40% trying it out for adoption. What’s going on here? The answer lies in the convergence of the real-time rendering technology originally intended for games, and the needs of architects to produce fully-polished views and animations more quickly. As CPUs and GPUs gained power and abilities, and tools like Unreal Engine introduced photoreal rendering in real time, we’ve seen the inevitable use of real-time rendering for architectural presentation. Review Design at the Speed of Thought You’ve spent days lighting your model and applying just the right materials, only to be slowed down by long render times. In the end, you’re left with just a handful of finished renderings to show your client. Wouldn’t it be great if your client could see finished renderings from any vantage point at will? That’s where real-time rendering comes in. View more View full description
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