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The project comes from the need for a bigger space for Fênix, a preparatory course for college in Porto Alegre, Brazil. The existing building had some defining characteristics for the design strategies: three floors without compartments, private yard and visuals for the trees’ level. The architecture project seeks maximum integration among students through large seating areas and bleachers. On the ground floor there are the reception, study room, administration and living areas. Private spaces with the shape of small houses serve both for small group study and parent’s assistance. Its casual format and scale provide an immersion and warmth experience in an attempt to disconnect the students from the competitive universe from college preparation. On the back, an extensive bleacher unfolds from the interior of the building to the backyard, supporting studies, students meeting and informal classes. In front of the bleacher, the floor differences marks the space of the stage for small lectures and events. View more View full description
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