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The new winery, as well as taking care of what is required for the production of high quality white wines by incorporating the latest developments and technology in the field of oenology, had to satisfy a wine tourism programme and generate an attractive image in keeping with the character of the wines produced within. One of the key aspects of the project was the integration of the winery with the landscape and its vineyard by means of the following strategies:-   Choosing a highpoint of the plot for the location, surrounded by vineyards and next to a group of trees that make the landscape unique.-   Making the most of the topography to keep the building half buried, thus reducing visual impact.-   Floorplan establishment, adapting to the terrain and setting the production and visitor’s area apart from the bottling and storage areas, which have a more industrial character.-   Landscape integration of the loading area through garden slopes, so that it is not perceived from the surroundings.-   Choosing a small range of materials for the façade, their colour and evolution over time playing along with the colours and development of the vineyard throughout the year.-   Visual connection from inside the winery with the landscape trough big windows and terraces on the upper floor. View more View full description
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