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There is no female pronoun for architect in Italian, so a new project, Architette, was born aiming to professionally promote the female title in Italian. The project's objective consists of monitoring all-male juries and conferences, mentoring young generations on the ground to advocate for a more heterogeneous and fair professional landscape, where women can be an inspirational reference in architecture.  The project had been widely covered in the media and it opened a broad, intense, public debate on the use of the feminine term for the profession. Francesca Perani decided to keep the discussion alive and, with 16 other collaborators, she founded the collective editorial team RebelArchitette backing professional women in architecture, advocating both the use of the feminine term and the promotion of female role models in architecture. The promotion of the feminine term, targetting mainly architecture students and young professionals is also one of its focal points.  View more View full description
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