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Villa Salame is located in the southern area of Tel Aviv, in the midst of alleys crowded with garages and craft shops. Abandoned for many years, the house was originally built around the 1850’s as a residential estate for an orchard owner and his family, featuring an inner courtyard in a typical local arabic style. While planning the renovation, the architects thought of the house as a modern mediterranean oasis in the heart of a bustling urban area. In the design process great attention was given to maintain the true nature of the original stone house, while incorporating new and modern elements that suit the needs and beliefs of the young couple. The most significant element was the limestone wall that crosses the entire house, from the guest room, throughout the courtyard, and back into the bedroom. Over the years, the wall was covered with plaster that was removed during the renovation, exposing the original local stone, openings and arches. The intersecting walls are made of steel framed glass, thus enabling one to see the original stone wall in its entirely and creating an interesting contrast of materials between the warm stone and the cool glass. View more View full description
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