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Metropolis Magazine has released a curated list of 19 new books to read this spring, with topics ranging from the evolution of social housing to Stanley Kubrick's unfilmed masterpiece to a fascinating tome on the architecture of Zionism. Not simply volumes detailing well-tread histories, these chosen titles explore every niche category through the lens of architecture. Ever wondered how Buckminster Fuller inspired six former gang members to construct his geodesic dome? Or what metro stations in North Korea look like? The list of books range from The Ordinary: Recordings, a slim volume of conversations with Rem Koolhaas, Denise Scott Brown, Yoshiharu Tsukamoto of Atelier Bow-Wow, and Enrique Walker, to Geostories, which showcases drawings of proposals relating to humanity's relationship with the Earth—including examples such as an atmosphere-less Earth, or supplying the Middle East with water from Antarctic icebergs. View more View full description
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