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Brazilian Chef André Mifano chose a small house on Francisco Leitão Street in Pinheiros to house his new restaurant. He asked for a simple place, open to the street, without formalities,where food and cooking would be the center of attencion. The dish is taken to the table directly from the kitchen by the person who prepared it. The 83sqm space houses in the same environment, bar, kitchen, toilet and hall. 3 metal boxes define the functions and occupation of space. The boxes were arranged in the longitudinal direction of the building wich is 4.60m wide by 18.00m deep. The open kitchen is in the center. The old parking lot of the house was transformed into a small square linked to the sidewalk that also works as waiting área. The front and rear facades of the 1931’s house retained the characteristic shape defined by the old existing roof, and the wall was replaced by metal frames with different types of glass, design and openings that reflect the freshness and irreverence of the place. View more View full description
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