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As part of our 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale coverage we present the proposal for the Pakistan Pavilion. Below, the participants describe their contribution in their own words. Keeping the subject of FREESPACE in perspective, the Pakistan Pavilion takes inspiration from the physical and social dimensions of the sparsely open spaces embedded within the many informal settlements of Karachi, the most populated and fastest growing city of Pakistan. Karachi has long served as the premier financial and industrial center of Pakistan. Home to a large service sector, it has attracted people from all parts of the country in search of employment opportunities. It has also drawn migrants from near-by countries facing conflict and economic deprivation. This influx has seen Karachi grow from a city of about a million inhabitants in 1950 into an ethnically and linguistically diverse metropolis of over 20 million today. This irrepressible growth has revealed an urban fabric composed of both regulated and unregulated development patterns. Characterized as informal settlements, the unregulated development has largely resulted from a widening gap between demand and supply of affordable housing. View more View full description
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