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This housing project responds to a nuclear family that is expanding as the children grow and begin to be more independent or to form their own families. The house must shelter all of them, allowing a collective life, but also, respecting the privacy of each one. The proposal takes advantage of the unevenness of the terrain, which is located on a hill in a desert area of the coast of Lima giving room to three levels that respond to the needs of its members. Given the depth of the lot, interior terraces are sculpted as interconnected voids at all levels in such a way that it delimits a stepped and steep internal profile composed of spatial relationships to enrich human relations between the members of the family. Through the terraces, spaces are related to views of the coastline -located on the side of the lot- allowing them to be discovered through the spaces in motion. On the other hand, the project redefines and redirects other views by crossing spaces in doing so, and it does it in such a way that in the act of discovering, … spatial relationships can be strengthened. View more View full description
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