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This house is located in the Puyumén peninsula on Lake Panguipulli, Panguipulli county, Los Ríos Region, Chile. It is located on a flat and vast land, dominating distant views in all its orientations towards the surrounding paddocks, the lake and the volcanic environment. Design scheme in the shape of an L is chosen, leaving one segment for the common areas and the other for the bedrooms. The access hall is located in the meeting between both. A specific requirement of the client was to prioritize a design that would minimize construction times. For this reason, it was decided to structure the house with constant modules every 1.10 mt. All trusses are equal and the house is built based on their repetition. The proposed structural modulation is evident from the inside, leaving the trusses visible in the common areas, which allowed to increase the interior height and, together with the previous, the arrangement of high windows between the trusses, following the module of the house. View more View full description
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