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This story begins by recognizing the project as an addition to the city of Cuernavaca. Inside a property surrounded by trees and the flow of water from a little creek, this garden of 7,366 square meters invites people to cross it and live it. The access to this narrative is offered through four entries distributed in different points of the property. To the southwest there is a square opened to the city, a livable space that receives its visitors with a staircase that leads to the building. From the east you can access trough the workshops, with a central courtyard scheme. From the west, a small stairway offers an alternative path to Dr. Guillermo Gándara Street and, finally, from the north a corner opens onto the arboreal richness of the site. The objective of creating continuity and connection with the garden is translated into gestures such as the elevation of the project on a set of perimeter columns to offer an extended free floor, with a marked public character, in horizontal relation with the context of the garden and the city ​​. A second gesture for the environment are the elements that integrated into the garden: water mirrors; a set of paths of concrete, gravel and soil around the preexisting vegetation; and monumental sculptures by Juan Soriano. This is how visitors have crossed this great urban promenade to continue on their way. View more View full description
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