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AFL Architects have released details of their proposed stadium design for Turkey’s bid to host the UEFA Euro 2024 soccer tournament. The Ataturk Stadium seeks to become the new home of Turkish football, featuring a closer relationship between spectators and the game, enhanced acoustics, and world-class hospitality. The scheme involves extensive renovation and adaption of the existing Olympic stadium structure and forms a crucial part of Turkey’s bid for the Euro 2024 tournament, which was submitted in April 2018. In collaboration with the Turkish Football Federation (TFF), AFL has examined the readiness of seven stadia, and the major upgrade and design of three stadia. The extensive renovations of the Olympic stadium will see the integration of modern technology into the existing structure. The stadium will be enveloped in a white GRC exoskeleton, with integrated wind technology generating energy from the hilltop site. The stadium also will incorporate a 360-video wall wrapping around the stadium on both the interior and exterior. Projecting 65-foot-high (20-meter-high) images, the video wall will activate the external plaza with pre-match and post-match displays, such as club logos, interviews, and light shows reacting to the cheering crowds during matches. View more View full description
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