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This is a lakeside cottage at Nojiri-ko (Lake). The design target is generating a new lifestyle in the midst of natural landscape by recomposing relationship between nature, building, objects and human beings. 5 platforms with all different sizes, heights and materials transform those function beyond the floor to table, bench, bed, shelf, view reflector and canopy. These platforms create different openness, thermal condition and perspectives with layering structure according to ground undulation and forest landscape. The layering platforms rearranging the hierarchy of landscape/site/building/furniture/object together with generating new living space in the nature. Open grid structure encouraging, emerging architectural potential to enhance the life with nature concern to the daylight transition, 4 seasons and resident’s lifestyle. Platforms reconstruct “Horizontal Building Elements” into one feature of Nojiri-ko Forest to generate diversity of places, activities and innovation in the nature for people. This project represent opening to the scenery style, together with delightful, esthetic of the nature and transition of the time. View more View full description
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