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Smelynes House is located in the northern part of Vilnius, Lithuania, in a former neighborhood of summer houses, the spirit of which still lingers in its surroundings. The task was to design a house in a very limited plot of land for a young family fond of minimalism philosophy, which also inspired the architecture of the building. The limitations of a plot including its size and surroundings – neighboring houses on three boundaries of the plot as well as a road – evoked a challenge of creating a quality outdoor space. A conscious decision was made not to build a fence in order to not limit the space physically, visually or socially. In a tight plot a small, white, minimalist house was designed, the only architectural twist here being the covered timber terrace going almost all the way around the house. It is formed in three parts – the main terrace, the car shed and a sheltered walkway from the car shed, to the entrance, to the main terrace. The terrace, therefore, acts as a transitional space between the private and the public as an alternative to a physical fence. In addition, having in mind a limited space left for the yard, a staircase to the roof and a roof terrace are designed to create some everyday magic for the residents. View more View full description
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