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Averagely 220 wet days per year plus frequent typhoon landings, a newly reform area incorporating alleys exclusively designed for pedestrian activities, with the dwelling needs of urban lifestyle and wide age range. What is the housing reflecting Yilan’s terroir and people? Within 6*30m site, we propose three approaches in our design. First, by imputing an “Open Rain-sound Courtyard”, which serves as the spatial core. Second approach was to develop the “relative high-rise” comparing to lower rural houses, each level is planned with a “three dimensional living patios”, potted and functional for activities as well. Lastly, in the mid of a city lacking of open space, we aspire to elevate our rooftop garden as a new ground, suitable for watching the stars and listening to the ocean in urban solitude. “To Open and To Connect” is the strategy to answer the proposition. View more View full description
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