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Architects designing in Jakarta are typically faced with the harsh reality; water and air pollution, hot-humid tropical climate (with malaria & dengue-fever carrier mosquitoes), economic-class disparity leading to security and social issues, and the lack of quality green spaces. Therefore, middle-upper-class houses were mostly expected to be the last stronghold and an escape for families. Many are ironically destined to be big isolated masses, referring to the latest stylistic trends, as if they are a colony in another planet; the air is supported by the air-conditioning units, the water is supplied by trucks from another city, the residents rarely walk around the neighborhood – they use cars to travel. Another challenge lies in the complexity of the program requirements and the narrow plot size. In medium density/ middle-upper-class residential plots around Jakarta, a private house typically consists of 4 bedrooms (with 3 bathrooms), living quarter (‘formal’ kitchen, dining, living, and ‘Asian wet’ kitchen), a maid quarter, and vehicle garage. This project requires significant additions to those; a garage for 2 cars, a small music studio, a KTV room, 2 maid bedrooms, separate baths for each bedrooms, and a swimming pool. View more View full description
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