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The loft is located in the heart of the historical centre of Athens, Greece, a unique urban environment at the foot of the Acropolis that features a combination of numerous masterpieces of neoclassical architecture with modernistic buildings and industrial warehouses. Situated in this context, this loft is a refurbishment of an old textile workshop. The aim of the renovation, as conceived and designed by the architect, was to preserve the existing structural components and industrial aesthetic of the previous use while transforming the space into a modern, comfortable and luxurious habitation. To this end, the concrete beams were exposed and restored but also modern elements have been added in the form of new metal finishes and polished concrete floors. The singularity of the loft lies in the combination of natural materials (steel, concrete and wood) with a minimal but high quality decoration (including a selection of modern furniture mixed with retro and vintage pieces) creating a casual and intimate atmosphere. The loft was conceived as open-plan generating spacious areas while the glass façade and rear windows allow for the maximum transparency, natural light and exterior views. View more View full description
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