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The house is located in a new neighborhood of the city of Morteros situated northeast of the province of Córdoba, it is a region with a flat topography and has an orthogonal layout as a draughtboard. The project is implanted in a corner place of 16.30 m x 38.75 m.  The job aims to be consistent with the landscape emphasizing the flatness of the plain and simultaneously solve the needs of the client, a young single lawyer, who needs flexible and comfortable spaces for future extensions. The corner is without materials giving rise to a garden space that offers great privacy at the ingress and establishes a green area for the public space. It is also the visual support from the large window of the desk towards the main street. On the side street an introverted facade with parts that sticks out and variants of materials is proposed, in order to establish a discontinuous opposite plan with the big walls that only delimit a courtyard. Volumetrically it is solved be means or horizontal white prisms in different levels and hollowed by windows. The pure geometries rest on a dark base and they are interrupted by the verticality of the chimney of the spit in exposed concrete and the gray volume of the water tank. The functional approach is compact, minimizing the circulation spaces; it is rests on the south side and opens to the north side, guaranteeing the best visuals, a good sunning and establishing spatial fluidity between the interior and the courtyard through a large gallery. View more View full description
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