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The idea of the Chicken’s House comes from the customer request. They are an aged couple who longing to move to the countryside. They want to raise some chickens in the garden so that they can take care of them, feed them and watch them every day as a way to clear their mind. They look forward to their children and grandchildren could come and visit them often and have space for them to play around when they stay.  The design team does not want to imprison the chickens in small cages. The chickens also need free space, air, a place to drink water, lay and hatch eggs. Sometimes, they dig the soil, eat some leaves or chase each other. The design team wants to give them a large and safe space to form a miniature social community for chickens and ducks. Metal grill and cemboard are used to made this chicken’s house. The size is 2mx10mx2m, which is suitable for kids to play in. The metal grill surrounding limit the safe space for the chicken but brings the unlimited view and connection between inside and outside View more View full description
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