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Context DescriptionWe designed the Pavilion to represent Chile in Expo 2015 Milan. Always with the knowledge that the world fair will only last for six months and then the building should be dismantled to restore the site to its original condition. With that in our minds, in order to do a more sustainable project, we decided that the pavilion had to be rebuilt in a new place to extend its lifecycle. Therefore we designed a wooden Meccano like structure that could be easily assembled, disassembled, transported and reassembled in a new location back in Chile. We also designed its spaces flexible to host different uses and scenarios in the future. Once the Expo was finished it was decided that the new home for the pavilion was going to be Temuco, the capital city of the Araucanía Region. The chosen site was at the foot of national park Cerro Ñielol, a natural hill important for its proximity to the city center and for being a sacred place for the Mapuche (native inhabitants of the region). View more View full description
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