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Thanopoulos supermarkets is at the northern suburbs of Athens. It was always a high end supermarket brand with huge variety of sophisticated imported goods which are unlikely to be found in other supermarkets in Athens. The supermarket building existed in 3 floors before the refurbishment and looked old. The exterior was also outdated. The quality of the products had nothing to do with the quality of the space. After the refurbishment the supermarket is 1600m2 in two floors, ground floor and basement. Circulation has changed due to the addition of stairs and the reorganization of the shelves. Each department got its own identity and KLab designed custom made furniture for them. Ceiling height was not sufficient for false ceiling so we came up with the idea of creating a simple structure by vertical Perspex lines that were illuminated in between by T5 fluorescent lamps. This allowed a gradient almost luminescent ceiling with osb as background. As a central piece a perforated aluminum false ceiling was hanged above the produce area and the seasonal sales areas. View more View full description
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