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The increase in population and conversion of villa houses to small apartments caused residential buildings to change to a limited space with certain functions, which often lacks light, view and fresh air. Such conditions can affect not only the morale of the inhabitants, but also the everyday interactions of people with each other. Small house project had an area of 70 square meters, and as a usual case could have been a space as it is said. We tried to break the limits of a small apartment, and any space, instead of having a particular function, becomes a multi-functional space, in addition, all spaces of the complex have light, view and proper ventilation. Considering the limited dimensions of the area, and the limitations of elevation and height, it was tried to separate spaces through designing sub-spaces with different altitudes in each unit instead of using segregated elements such as the wall. This way, through establishing a logical connection between spaces and observing the principle of hierarchy, we witnessed the formation of flexible and multi-functional spaces.   View more View full description
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