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On the Korean Peninsula, evaluated as a suzerain of ginseng, which produces the best quality ginseng in the world, having the blessed natural environment, especially, recognized as the one with the best quality, Korean Ginseng from Punggi is a perennial plant, cultivated under an artificial shade, called Sampoeojang in Koreafor 3-6 years. Ginseng, which has a slower rate of growth and more difficult cultivation conditions than other crops, grows under Sampoeojang. Like this, Sampoeojang, which keeps ginseng growing well for a long time is a ‘ground for cultivation’ and can be said to be a ‘house of ginseng’ where ginseng grows. A ginseng field covered with layers of long Sampoeojang along the shape of the cultivated field forms a unique and distinctive scenery with a landscape with choppy black waves. View more View full description
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