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The Mae Ku Learning Center is a new educational building located near the Thai-Burma border. The building is designed as a mountainous, monolithic object nestled in amidst the adjacent fields. The center is a multi-functional educational space for the Min Tu Won School, a community-led organization that provides education for a local community of Burmese refugees and migrants. Faced with minimal resources, the Min Tu Won School’s existing classrooms needed relief for their overcrowded teaching areas. They sought additional room for 70 students to improve the learning conditions of the school as well as to continue to cultivate and promote local education. The new center responds to these needs with a massing of adaptable, multi-functional spaces. Two large interior volumes form an open floor area for teaching, studying and interactive learning. As the school grows and develops, these spaces will be able to accommodate the Min Tu Won School’s evolving conditions. View more View full description
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