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The commission comes from two families who are friends and neighbors and who decide to build identical houses on a site near Ranco Lake. The houses needed to house up to 12 people on periods of vacations and weekends, all year round.  Lastly, the project had to privilege family life with a permanent interaction between its dwellers. Both sites have similar conditions regarding topography and distance to the access road but differed in the surrounding conditions. While one site was clear of trees, the other was immersed in a native forest. For this reason, the projects are not subject to specific views. Given the use requirements and site conditions, the houses are laid out as an isolated volume, with a square plan and centripetal distribution, with fire as the unifying element and center of the project. Each 18m x 18m square plan is divided into 9 squares. The middle squares form a cross, which is used as one open, continuous, flexible and shared space. At the center is the chimney, hanging from a double height with lateral skylights. This way the stone and steel artifact is transformed into the main element of the house and a space in itself, which is shared by the different activities of common living (eating, cooking, living, playing and circulating). View more View full description
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