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After countless late nights designing in studio, facing the critics, laying out (and re-laying out) your portfolio, finally convincing someone to hire you, and working 50+ hour weeks... you’re still not an architect. Welcome to the examination portion of your professional journey, folks. Beginning a multi-division examination with pass rates in the 50-60% range is a seriously daunting task. That’s without even mentioning the overwhelming amount of study materials and opinions floating around in cyberspace. Never fear, ArchDaily is here to help you navigate the tools and techniques available to you when cracking open the books and (hopefully) passing your first exam. Timing: It’s Personal While some think it’s best to start the Architect Registration Examination (ARE) immediately after graduation while still in “study mode,” others believe you need experience to pass. Ultimately, it’s personal. If you don’t want to study, you won't. There will always be an excuse not to take the tests, so find what motivates you. Maybe it’s the pay raise, the job security, the respect—maybe it’s simply peer pressure. Whatever your motivation, set your goal and make it happen. For me, there’s nothing more motivating to study than just scheduling a test and shelling out that $210 (soon to be $235) in advance. View more View full description
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