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Neither City Nor Village, As City As Village3#/8# exhibition hall transformation is the architecture exhibition project of BI-CITY BIENNALE OF URBANISM\ARCHITECTURE (SHENZHEN) Yantian Sub-Venue: Village as Kitchen in this year. This year’s BI-CITY BIENNALE OF URBANISM\ARCHITECTURE regards Urban Village, the outcome of conflict and integration of urban and rural, as the venue. In the overlapping of urbanization from top to bottom and self-development from bottom to top, Urban Village becomes an unusual space, neither city nor village, as city and as village. This mixed space provides the more convenient, cheaper living space and service facilities for different communities. Focusing on Village as Kitchen, our work is carried out in Dameisha Village, Yantian District with a method of phenomenon observation and space intervention. This theme brings daily household activities such as food and cooking to public activities and communications among communities. In traditional culture of Canton, cooking and diet activities shared in clan communities are always the carrier of communities’ publicity. They are especially more common during festivals, weddings and funerals. However, various local and outsider communities gather in Dameisha Village today, and there is certain estrangement in their social network. So we hope to promote community communication, revitalize publicity through our space practice. View more View full description
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